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 Hey Friends,

        As you all know all the hacker are use the Linux OS for hacking, And the Android OS is the modify version of the Linux OS. It means you can start hacking with your android smartphone. not a pro level of hacking but you can start.

in this blog i am telling about 5 apps and also 2 bonus apps for starting the ethical hack in your android smartphone without rooting.

before i start please notice :-

  • this blog is for educational and informational purpose. it dose not promote any illegal activities.
  • if you want download these application then short links are given bellow.


  1. Many of the people know about this app. Tor Browser . In this application you an change your identity between browsing. you can also access the access the dark net or dark web from this browser with the help of a vpn.
  2. in this second application you can call anyone with a unknown phone number for free. simple to use with resister a email. The application name is 2nd Line. if you want to know how to use this app for free without resister then comment bellow.
  3. The next app is similar with the second app because it helps to message any one from unknown number. the app name is Bombitop.
  4. the net app is audio remote control. if you install the application in the victims mobile you an access or listing all the voice wireless ly.
  5. then the final app is Apk Editor. in this application you can edit or change settings of a app. and much more. for more information watch our YouTube video.

Bonus Application

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